JR Richards and Lusty EMS find waste solutions for the Wingecarribee Shire

Lusty EMS is playing a major role in the waste transfer requirements of the Wingecarribee Shire Council, with the award of a major contract to waste specialists JR Richards.

The Wingecarribee Shire Council has an impressive record when it comes to recycling operations, as Scott McAllan, Business Services Coordinator for the council recovery and resource centre, explained.


“JR Richards was successful in winning the tender to supply waste management services to Council. The company has done a great job in setting up its operation to handle the task from domestic collection to the transfer of waste to South Camden where it is reprocessed to remove recyclables,” said Scott.

Rod Jones of JR Richards explained the logistics of the operation. To cater for the transfer of the domestic waste, plus specialised loads including paper and cardboard, JR Richards has commissioned five new tri-axle, moving floor semi trailers supplied by Lusty EMS.


“We worked closely with Lusty EMS who were able to tailor the trailers exactly to our requirements. These were supplied through Wayne Sloane of SX Trailers in Newcastle,” said Rod.

“After arrival at the transfer station the loads of waste are consolidated into the purpose-built semi trailers. Having five trailers enables us to have three permanently on the loading docks for waste transfer while two are on the road travelling between Moss Vale and South Camden,” he continued.


“Lusty EMS was particularly easy to work with and they were involved in the design from the beginning. It was never a case of just, ‘here is a product and that’s what you take’. They went into all the features we needed, including specific height and length requirements, to fit on the docks.”

“They even designed and installed the stools in the bays that indicate the right position for the trailers to park for the loading access,” Rod added.


With an overall length of 15.010 metres (49 ft 2 in), the Lusty EMS moving floor trailer has a maximum cubic capacity of 108 cubic metres. Due to the profiling of the front area of the trailer, the total combination when matched to a Freightliner Columbia is RMS approved at an overall length of 19 metres.

The construction of the trailer features full aluminium sidewalls, using 10 mm bottom and 8 mm top sheets with an aluminium monocoque frame. Each of the five trailers is fitted with a “Cargo Floor” leak-proof, high-impact moving floor. The one-piece side-hinged rear door is also leak proof and is locked by pneumatic clamps. The moving floor mechanism is operated hydraulically, through a truck-mounted PTO.

Each of the trailers features a maximum height of 4.3 metres with open top loading, which is covered by a rollover tarp.

The trailer suspension system uses Maxus overslung 10/285 alloy hub centres with Hendrickson axles mounted on Hendrickson HT230 airbags. Drum brakes are standard with automatic slack adjusters, and the specification includes Maxus alloy rims and 275/70R22.5 sized tyres. High visibility, wheel nut lock retention identification systems are by Stemco, and LED lighting is standard throughout the unit.

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