Lusty EMS Designs Sliding Hook Loader B-Double

Toxfree’s Unique Waste Removal Problem

Carting waste off an island accessible only by ferry is a unique proposition. What is the best, most efficient method to do this? And once you think you have the answer, who do you speak to in order to make this vision become a reality? For waste management organisation Tox Free Solutions Limited, the answer was simple. Lusty EMS is one of Australia’s leading tipping trailer manufacturers and was the obvious choice for help in solving this complex problem.

Lusty EMS Sliding Hook Loader B-Double Transport girt by sea

Tox Free Solutions Limited (Toxfree) is one of the largest integrated waste management service providers in Australia. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2000, Toxfree has developed its range of services from initially providing waste treatment facilities to complete integrated waste management, environmental solutions and onsite industrial services including high pressure water blasting, vacuum loading and emergency response. Their fleet includes over 400 rigs nationally.

Recently, Toxfree won a major waste management project to manage a landfill removal project on Curtis Island, just off the coast of Gladstone on Queensland’s central coast. The vendor was one of the world’s largest construction and engineering firms in charge of coordinating a large liquid natural gas (LNG) venture on Curtis Island. They had anticipated a large amount of waste to be generated during the project and decided on Toxfree to remove this waste due to their outstanding experience in the Australian market.

As Toxfree’s Lance McKay explained, there were various factors to consider. “There’s no bridge to Curtis Island,” he said. “So the only way to transport the waste off the island is via a ferry which operates daily between Curtis Island and the mainland. Our challenge was to transport as much waste as we could in one load per day, in order to keep up with the large amount of waste which we expected to be generated by this project. The only feasible answer we came up with was to run one B-double per day in order to maximise our capabilities.”

“The next challenge was that the waste would be loaded into 7.5 metre long, 40m3 hook bins. We figured the bins could be loaded direct onto a trailer and knew of a company, HYVA, who had dealt with similar projects before. HYVA then suggested that they would partner with Lusty EMS to create the final solution.”

When one becomes two

As it turned out, this was no ordinary request. Lusty EMS Sales Representative, Jason Hokianga, explained. “The weight of the hydraulic equipment and eventual load had determined that we had never considered building a B-double hook loader before. In fact, I don’t think it’s been done anywhere before! Not only that, but we had to consider how the lead trailer could load the bins up. We weren’t sure if it was possible, but we pride ourselves on being able to design a trailer for any situation, so we decided to give it a go.”

“Our engineers like a challenge,” Jason smiled.

As it turned out, Lusty EMS’ engineers were more than up to the task. Given guidelines that the B-double had to be able to carry two full bins at once, maintain appropriate axle loads and stay within the legal lengths and weights, they were quick to provide a solution.

The final outcome was a B-double with both trailers being built as sliding A-trailers. This means that both trailers are interchangeable and are able to be loaded from the rear.  The hydraulic hook loader on the each trailer can slide to the back of the trailer to load the bin.

“Two standard trailers would have put the length of the B-double outside the legal limit,” explained Jason. “The slider chassis was a way to stay within the legal limits, yet still achieve the desired result.”

“We also had to keep the weight of the whole system down, so that Toxfree could load as much in the bins per day as possible. The final tare weight of each trailer was only 8 tonnes, which we think is a great achievement.”

Waste not, want not

Toxfree has been using the new sliding hook loader B-double set for 2 months now and has been impressed with the efficiency it has provided them. “It was a complex task we were asking the trailers to do and we had to do some testing in order to perfect the design,” said Lance. “But after working with Lusty EMS, the trailers we have now are doing a great job – we’ve been saved the extra cost of running two trucks. Plus the ease with which the bins are loaded onto the trailers has been a major bonus. We can load and take off within a matter of minutes.”

Lusty EMS Sliding Hook Loader in action

Lusty EMS Sliding Hook Loader in actionLusty EMS Sliding Hook Loader in action

“We can see a use for these same trailers for other projects into the future,” Lance continued. “Waste haulage in mines…in fact waste haulage just about anywhere, they are a great innovation.”

As the Curtis Island project ramps up, Toxfree has plans to purchase another two B-double sets, which will take their capabilities to 6 bins per day. Lance also spoke highly of Toxfree’s relationship with Lusty EMS. “Their ability to innovate something based on our haulage requirements has been admirable. Most trailer manufacturers wouldn’t go to such lengths to satisfy their customer, which speaks volumes of the customer service focus that Lusty EMS has. We’re looking forward to extending the relationship into the future.”


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