Lusty EMS Side Tippers on the Move

With the unique ability to deposit haulage on the move in many types of applications including coal mining, sugar and road works, the Lusty EMS Side Tipper is proving to be one of the most flexible tippers available in the Australian market.

Combining special design techniques with stringent manufacturing processes, the functionality and reliability of Lusty EMS Side Tipper trailers is evident in the remotest parts of Australia, where operators in the resource, construction and agriculture industries demand uncompromising equipment performance.

Beaumont Transport is one such company with high expectations and they have recently added six Lusty EMS Side Tippers to help meet their daily productivity targets.

Founder and current Director Richie Beaumont, has served the coal industry for more than 30 years, utilising an extensive fleet of prime movers and trailers, including B-Doubles, road trains, and body and dog trailers.

Having already incorporated a number of new and pre-loved Lusty EMS side tippers into the business, Richie had first-hand experience to draw upon when deciding which model to buy to further grow the fleet.

“We found that the Lusty EMS Side Tipper model is reliable and extremely well-built, with consideration given to payload, performance and operator safety.”

By specifying an aluminium body to help reduce overall tare weight, the new Side Tippers will be able to easily cope with the demand to help transport over 4 million tonnes of coal per annum.

This is the tonnage Beaumont transfers from the Acland Coal Mine in Jondaryan to its loading facility located 20 kilometres from the mine, where it is then transported for both the local and export markets.

For added stability during transit, all the Lusty EMS Side Tippers have a low centre of gravity.

Laser alignment of the chassis beams and suspensions also provides for better stability and tracking which leads to reduced tyre wear.

It is also important to keep the payload central during actual tipping and the hinging pin mechanism on the trailer ensures the load weight remain central and doesn’t slide to the side when tipping.

An added benefit of side tippers over “bowl” tippers is that the Lusty EMS model tips away from the wheels, ensuring that material isn’t getting caught in between the suspension and various wheel components

And as safety is a high priority for every transport operator, drivers for Beaumont will be able to operate the tippers from the cab of their trucks, which also gives them a perfect elevated view of the load as it is being tipped.

With the resource industry presently experiencing somewhat of a boom period, the Lusty EMS manufacturing facility in Richlands Queensland is able to build the side-tipper in a number of different configurations to meet operator requirements.

This includes as a single trailer or part of a B-Double combination, as part of a Road Train setup, or built as a bogey axle or tri axle configuration.

With the chassis painted with high quality two pack paint applied over grit blasted and primed steel, the Lusty EMS Side Tipper looks fantastic and will retain its excellent appearance with regular maintenance.

LED lights and quality wiring looms come as standard, which means reduced downtime as well as providing long and reliable life. The LED’s also adapt automatically to varying voltages in truck power supplies.

All Lusty EMS Side Tipper trailer come with a two year warranty and are backed by a strong nationwide dealer network. Further information regarding Lusty EMS Side Tippers and other tipper trailer solutions can be found at


ABOVE: It is important to keep the payload central in the Side Tippers during actual
tipping to ensure the load weight remains central and doesn’t slide to the side when

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