Off-Road Side Tipper Released

Lusty EMS has made a major advance towards further assisting the mining and resources sector with its latest new product release – the Off-Road Side Tipper. With a 180 tonne carrying capacity, the new tipper is designed for 100% off-road use, making it perfect for operations carrying heavy loads across large sites, such as coal and iron ore mines.

Lusty EMS Off-Road Side Tipper

Lusty EMS General Manager, Andrew Wibberley, says the Off-Road Side Tipper is designed specifically with the resources sector in mind. “We have had an increasing number of requests for a high mass-carrying capacity and durable tipper,” says Wibberley. “The mining sector in Australia has a growing need for this kind of product and as one of Australia’s leading tipper manufacturers, we felt it was important that we were able to fill this gap.”

The new trailer is built with strength and durability in mind. A Hardox steel tub provides the ability to carry a number of different materials. It is supported by heavy duty spring suspensions across each axle, LED mine-spec lights and polyurethane 2 pack paint. In Wibberley’s words, the “Off-Road” is “heavy duty, oversized and built tough for tougher conditions”.

Elsewhere, the Off-Road Side Tipper is highly customisable. “It can be built to order,” Wibberley says. “From a single trailer up to C-Triple configuration, the inherent ability to run these trailers off-road means we’re able to bypass many of the usual road authority restrictions.”

Lusty EMS Off-Road Side Tipper shown in C-Triple configuration

“The tubs can also be built to differing heights, dependent on the density of the load,” Wibberley continues. “So if you’re carrying a relatively light load, the tub can be as much as 3m high, but for denser loads, you may only require the tub to be 1m high, both of which are possible with this new trailer.”

A number of orders have already been placed by organisations within the mining industry, and Lusty EMS expects to see more shortly. “Most of the orders to date have been placed for use in the coal mining sector,” said Wibberley. “But we see uses within all sorts of mining and other heavy industries. We think it’s just a matter of time until you will start seeing Lusty EMS Off-Road Side Tippers all over the country.”

Interested organisations should speak to their local Lusty EMS dealer to enquire as to whether the Lusty EMS Off-Road Side Tipper can be used for their purpose.

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