Why buy Lusty EMS?

The Forefront of Trailer Technology

Like you at Lusty EMS we are passionate about what we do, and like you, we care that the investment you make in purchasing a new Lusty EMS trailer has long term rewards.

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The Forefront of Value

Long term customer satisfaction is something Lusty EMS continually strives for, the value it builds into every trailer it manufactures, from its superior quality and ever reliable performance ensures customers are kept on the road and not in the workshop, and its high-end resale value when it comes time to update keeps a smile on everyone’s face.

While its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rocklea, Queensland, accommodating Lusty EMS manufacturing, parts, service and repair operations under the one roof, enables customers to take advantage of a one-stop support facility and the valuable knowledge and understanding its experience staff offer.

The Forefront of Customer Satisfaction

To remain at the forefront of aluminium trailer technology, Lusty EMS has invested heavily in the things that matter most: its people, its manufacturing techniques, design and engineering skills, and the very latest materials. But all along, its greatest investment has been in listening to its customers. Lusty EMS takes a genuine interest in its customers businesses: we listen, we learn, we create and we deliver. We do this with good old Aussie know how – we call it teamwork.

The Forefront of Quality and Performance

Key to Lusty EMS success, and your peace of mind, is the stringent quality control,  craftsmanship and attention to detail we put into everything we do, which is clearly supported by the fact that so much of our on-going business comes from repeat customers.

Every trailer is carefully hand crafted to each customer’s specification, to fulfill the precise requirement of their bulk transport task.

From the ground up, and for over 10 years, Lusty EMS has built some of the finest quality and toughest Australian made aluminium and steel semi trailers around.

The Forefront of Product Design

Lusty EMS is a leading Australian manufacturer of premium quality aluminium and steel semi trailers, specialising in:-

• Semi – Tippers, both TOA and chassis tipper styles
• Stag B Double
• Moving Floor units
• Body & Dog Tippers
• Multi Loader for bulk or palletised goods
• Dollies
• Specialised Equipment

The innovative Lusty EMS product range is highlighted by the uniquely designed Stag tipper, that allow for tipping of the front and rear trailers without unhitching. Whatever your need, Lusty EMS can assist, by bring together a wealth of knowledge and vast understanding of trailer technology to work with you to create the transport solution you are looking for.

The Forefront of Payload Advantage

Each Lusty EMS trailer is built to the highest possible standards of craftsmanship, using the very best materials, market leading engineering and fabrication techniques, which allows Lusty EMS to deliver a trailer to its customers that has an unmatched pedigree of quality, durability and excellent resale value.

Ever conscious of the need to deliver payload advantage to its transport customers, Lusty EMS reduces every gram of excess weight to deliver lower tare that gives its customers a clear competitive advantage.